Saturday, August 01, 2009

We've Moved! (White & Blue Review)


It's been a slow summer in this space. But it hasn't been for lack of effort on my part.

Four other dedicated Jays fans and I have spent the past four months putting together what we feel will become the most dynamic Creighton Bluejays fan site on the web.

We're covering more than basketball; there are great sports, and great stories, on the Hilltop. We hope to provide you news, commentary, and analysis about all of them.

To learn more about what White & Blue Review is, click here.

We have a presence on Twitter, Facebook, and other social networking sites. But in the end, we want to serve as an information hub for Creighton fans everywhere. Each post has the ability for readers to add comments, and we hope to hear from you about the stories we write, the stories you want us to write, and other features you want to see.

Thanks for reading! Creighton fans are amazing, and you are the reason we are spending some of our free time providing more information about Bluejay sports.



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